About us

Buracchi studio is specialised in architectural design, urban planning, interior design, and contract design. Our main aim is to respond to the demands of our customers, both private and public subjects, paying a particular attention to the qualitative research and to every single detail. Not by chance, the architectural design is paralleled by the employment of the newest technologies, in order to provide our customers with a photorealistic 3D representation of the work. Our highly specialised and multidisciplinary team is able to easily manage and adapt to every kind of project.

Our projects usually belong to different fields: the city, dwelling houses, the tertiary sector, urban design. Starting from Tuscany, and keeping in mind its inspiration, we have expanded our collaborations to foreign countries, with a special mention to the french territory.


The studio was opened by Carlo Buracchi, and has later expanded its structure with the entry of Maribra Corsi, Umberto Monachini. Within the studio, professionals ande young apprentices cooperate in order to contribute to the growth and consolidation of every project in the best way.