Buracchi associated studio, in its thirty-year long experience, has enlarged its wide range of competences, thanks to many important collaborations and projects in every sector of the architectural field, from infrastructures to stadiums, roads and dykes. Moreover, our studio boasts several victories in open competitive exams for public spaces. We also renovate typical tuscan vintage residences, commercial and public buildings, as well as residential ones. Not by chance, our studio boasts, within its works, the renovation of multiplex cinemas, shopping centers, business districts as well as drugstores, homes for elderly and specialised centers for the treatment of Alzhaimer’s disease.

Interior Design

Buracchi associated studio has developed its speficic lines of furniture, including exclusive accessories for public spaces, banks, and healthcare environments. Our studio has also realised noteworthy works for private spas and wellness centers.

Real Estate

Buracchi associated studio offers a series of services directed toward the estate market. Our attention is focused on research, analysis and market testing. We adapt our work to the client’s requests and provide our customers with thorough brochures and sheets of their good.


Buracchi studio covers the whole process of coordination and order management, from the research of the labour force to the control of the prices and the supervision of the works. We provide our clients with a service “all inclusive”. Thanks to our reliability we have coordinated the realisation of many local and foreign works, such as commercial centers in Paris and in other french cities.

Project Management and Site Supervision

Buracchi associated studio has always worked for important companies and real estate investors, driving their clients throughout the whole process, from the feasibility study to the realisation of complex works, providing reliable cost analysis, coordination of the professionals and order management.

In Details

Architectural design and building renovation:

  • Feasibility study.
  • New construction design, Interventions in agriculture, Building renovations.
  • Photo rendering.
  • Bill of quantities.

Urban Planning:

  • Parcelling plan.
  • Recovery plan.
  • Detailed plan.
  • Agriculture Business Plan.
  • Modifications to the urban instruments.
  • Enviromental impact assessments.
  • Strategic enviromental assessments.


  • Dykes.
  • Roads.

Surveys and Estimations.

Cadastral Paperwork.

Fire prevention procedure:

  • Fire prevention planning to obtain the fire prevention certificate (P.I).
  • Fire prevention certificate’s renewal.

Yards Safety (D.Lgs. n°81/2008 e ss.mm.ii.):

  • Design Coordinator (S.P.).
  • Editing and coordination of the Safety Plan (S.C.).
  • Execution coordinator (S.E.).
  • Company advice on the editing of the Operational Safety Plan (O.S.).
  • Technical dossier of the work (O.).


  • Administrative advice in private construction.
  • Administrative advice in public administration.
  • Legal Advice.
  • Technical support to construction companies.
  • Accounting, Bills of quantities, Project Review Meeting.


  • Supervision of the works in construction yards.

Energy Certification:

  • Energy certificate of the building (A.P.E.);

Millage Rate Table:

  • Editing of condominium fee millage rate table.
  • Regulations of co-ownership.